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  • Center for Human Encouragement

    A place of healing, growth, and community.

    Person Centered Psychotherapy is a process of growth facilitated in a relationship between the therapist and client. Based on empathy and presence in the therapist with respect and positive regard for the client, you direct us to what is hurting in your life, what you want to explore and resolve.


  • In the confusion and uncertainty about Covid19, anxiety is a natural response.  Finding ways to take charge of the small things helps to navigate the uncertainty of the “big” things.  

    “Life isn’t about finding ourselves, it is about creating ourselves.” - George Bernard Shaw

    If your life isn’t working or you have lost touch with parts of yourself, leaving you feeling confused, depressed, lonely, I can help you.

    Psychotherapy is a process of exploration and growth, of connecting with your feelings and finding your voice to create the life and relationships you want.


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  • "There is only one happiness in this life... to love and be loved." - George Sand

    The search for love and connection is a driving force in our lives.

    I help you individually and as a couple to create clarity of where you are. Sharing from this open place can lead to resolution of issues, increased closeness and intimacy - even happiness!

    One person can also work alone to change a couple relationship.

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  • The Center is a gathering place of connection and community. Concerts, workshops, dancing and music and shared meals are all activities organized by the center to foster this atmosphere of connection and community.

    The house is a source of inspiration for the art of William G. Middleton, a friend of long years.

    It serves as a gallery for the paintings and photography of Grace Harlow Klein.

    Involvement in the Center is for clients and friends who wish to participate in activities organized by the Center.

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  • The Trauma Informed Care Empowerment Program is a collaboration between Dr. Grace Harlow Klein of the Center for Human Encouragement and Christopher Basher, Chief Operating Officer of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware. The goal of the program is to increase the impact of staff responses to children who are experiencing trauma in their lives. Currently, more than 3,000 children and youth come to Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware’s 43 Club programs on a daily basis.

    Read Grace's Presentation about the Trauma Informed Care Empowerment Program

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  • The “decade of Rogers’ life from 75-85 (1977-1987) turned out to be one of the most important periods in his career…Rogers extended his person-centered approach to helping relationships into the resolution of inter-group and international conflict. Through the Carl Rogers Peace Project and other venues he and his colleagues conducted important experiments in cross-cultural communication and peacekeeping….not only is [his work] important in its own right, it puts Rogers’ historical contributions into a wider social and political context.” Howard Kirschenbaum, Preface, i

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  • The Center Offers a number of group programs that engage specific audiences. Grace is very skilled at seeing the similarity of needs in her clients and has developed group therapy opportunities to provide a wider circle of care and support. Participants are enriched and supportive of one another. 

    The Center also offers Group Programs such as Reclaiming a Life for those that have experienced loss of a partner either by breakup, divorce or death, finding themselves on their own. 


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  • History of the House

    Learn more about the history of 15 Arnold Park.

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