• About 15 Arnold Park

    15 Arnold Park was built in 1879 as a large Victorian style house. Its greatest claim to fame was that George Eastman & his mother lived here - the vault in the basement, a storage for his patents is a good fantasy. In 1920 it was changed to a Colonial Revival style with a stucco exterior. The son of the man that changed the house sent photographs of the old & new exteriors.

    Armin Klein bought the house in 1978 to house his practice and living accommodations together. It was to his house that Grace came in 1982 when she met Armin. They continued the practice of minor renovations for over twenty-five years.

    Armin began to open his house to clients & friends with his first open house on October 8, 1978. It has continued as a gathering place for family, friends & clients.