• What is Human Encouragement?

    Each of us is born with a life force or growth drive that propels us thoughout our lives to be the person we most uniquely and individually are. That force, however, is affected by our environment and life experiences which sometimes are so painful or inadequate that we lose hope or momentum to be all that we can be.

    Encouragement is to inspire with courage, spirit, hope, to see possibilities, to promote a positive attitude that circumstances within our lives can be better, more hopeful and that change is possible. Keeping another person company in the process of growth is the greatest gift one human can give to another. Grace and Armin Klein have had many years of experience as therapists, workshop facilitators, and teachers using the principals of growth and the Person-Centered Approach. More importantly, they have met and grown through their own life challenges. For them, it is a way of being in their own lives and relationships.

    Another person can often listen with senitivity and empathy, can see parts of ourselves we no longer see clearly or just be company in our journey. The ideas of encouragement and empowerment are our ways of expressing what we offer to clients, regardless of their specific life circumstances.