• Peace
  • Sadako was a young girl in Japan who developed leukemia when she was twelve, ten years after the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.  The legend that making a thousand paper cranes will being wellness was part of Sadako’s life during her illness.  The children’s book by Eleanor Coerr with beautiful illustrations by Ed Young tells her story.

    Today in the Peace Museum in Hiroshima there are photographs of Sadako and her family.  And there is a place to make and leave paper cranes.  The cranes are strung in long chains and sent all over the world to events promoting peace.  


  • Rhw Museum was created by the people to promote peace – that no one again experiences the ravages of nuclear warfare.

    I was there with my friend, Natsumi Morita.  It was a very moving experience.

    The statue of Sadako in the Peace Park is engraved

    “Peace in the World.”